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The sign on the wall reads, "If you are in a hurry, you are not in the right place."

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Welcome to the Rainbow Body

The Abode of Spirit

We will abide in,
explore and respect truth and clarity
THAT will set us free --

Being present having arrived
WE will lift the burden and
bring in the Healing Love.

This "
HERE" is an entering upon
a sacred presence and
a living land
An ongoing Song -- A Continuing Dance

That miracle occurs when"we" embody spirit
Transpersonal --omnipresent -- all inclusive
When we embrace Self with integrity
fully and wholly in
All Our Relations --
in and at

This is the Way of Life
Our hearts are open
As all things are inextricably bound together in ineffable love
Family, kin, grandmothers, sons
Ohana ho!

Thus we center in the Great Context of Integrity
that which naturally encloses, encompasses, and cradles
BOTH Inside AND outside simultaneously
supersede the bondage and illusion of linear time

Alive -- living inside all and embraced by embracing "it"
Operating inside indigenous time as implicate sacred presence --
a living omnipresent self abiding natural all inclusiveness -- known "as-it-is"
experienced as a a natural uncontrived instant unstained Reality
pure beingness without effort -- as a budding flower moves toward the sun
joyfully and spontaneously arisen

As a celebratory expression of infinite love
as the mediator between pure consciousness and pure beingness
In the expanse of endless sky of the unborn never ending
spirit and nature dances
our authentic father and mother.

We welcome you HERE to celebrate this
Implicate intelligent and joyous co-evolution with us!

For most, who have become conditioned
struck or afflicted, in the ways of chronic separation
self limitation, dis-memberment and fragmented existence
who, have forgotten and become accustomed
in dysfunctional or neurotic patterns of incessant corruptive and alien thought,
then, a gradual spiritual process of purification and gentle awakening
is prescribed as the healing path of the Rainbow way

Experienced as an arriving home
a becoming
a resonance and vibratory healing
a dawning "sense" of wholeness and integrity and
deep re"membering"

In this sense this process of re-collection and re-membering is the Great Gathering Together -- the Great Integrity of All Our Relations -- the Great Binding Together (mahavratam) which is identical with the process called yoga -- the activity of unrequited, spontaneous, and natural love which is synchronized in conscious harmony and integrity -- the continuous vital pulsation of a strong, open, and wide Heart. As such this is our natural unpolluted and uncontracted state whose quality is the co-mingling of bliss and love in conscious mutuality. This is where spirit and consciousness has become united with nature and beingness -- mind and body -- heaven and earth -- crown and root -- where artificial boundaries, fear, and selfishness have become utterly abandoned. This natural, but uncommon, embodied "SPIRITUALITY" in this sense is extremely simple, uncontrived, and not at all mystical nor abstract; rather it is simplicity itself, actively embracing and embodying spirit in this very life, in this very moment, "with" this very body, "through" this very body, and "in" this very body, within the inherent integrity of each cell and atom, in harmony with our very breath-- on this very planet, sun, and stars -- interdimensionally with all others -- complete and whole. HERE spirit permeates the body to its core as its core and from HERE then the spirit underlying All Our Relations is revealed as an Eternal Beginningless unlimited NOW -- in all our activities, deeds, words, and thoughts -- HERE -- in All Our Relations -- as a holographic locus/focal point of infinite love-consciousness. How else can this infinite LOVE become embodied and manifest but through this very temple? How else can we participate in this living process intimately? How else can we become simultaneously complete, fulfilled, and expressive while experiencing ultimate and exquisite freedom?

In this sense the vehicle and temple of sovereign originaless spirit occurs through the inclusivity of this very body -- through the spontaneous dancing prayer with love worshipping love. How else can spirit become embodied, but through this sacred bridge? This earthly body is the Rainbow Bridge -- the conduit between two directions, which from an alienated perspective appear disparate, but for those who have traveled there, appear as a coherent unity. HERE heaven does not exist elsewhere than HERE and thus such people who bring beginningless spirit HERE -- who have completed the circle, we call the Ongwhehonwhe, the rainbow warriors. Their task is simply to help us all complete it also. Those who live in the illusion of separateness, whose heart is broken and fragmented. They require healing and our patience. Those lost in the illusion of separate "self", in the dualistic world of "ordinary" linear and limited consciousness where ignorance, confusion, arrogance, fear and pride rule -- wherein separation, alienation, competition, strife, and struggle dominates and love is denied -- where the Heart is stressed and constricted, the healing must be applied by the true people, the Ongwhehonwhe, the people who bring forth in their eyes, their tongues, and hearts the Rainbow way -- where infinite love and wisdom are everywhere present (omnipresent) and integrated -- where the Long Body is acknowledged.

The Rainbow people of integrity (the Ongwhehonwhe) abide within this transpersonal holographic context -- they respect, mirror, and acknowledge it. They have learned how to be with the living love and living joy and act as its wisdom messengers and emissaries -- as bringers of the dawn, the love, the light, strength, and spirit to others who are lost in confusion and grief.

Living inside of this sacred indigenous context of living spirit, we come home in the sacred present. We experience in a deep heart-felt sense that we are all linked as one inextricable web of life -- as an ecological dynamic spirit filled unity -- reflecting the wholographic whole -- one continuous vibrating, pulsating, and evolving integrity as the very act of pure and unalloyed creativity/creation itself. This is the subject matter of all great music, art, poetry, and song but words will fail in defining it because what we speak of is a profound trans-rational REALITY of which man's words, as symbols, can only hint at and whose very nature have the potential to limit and demean. The truth that words are not necessary to communicate this "reality", rather it is more helpful to forego them. Man is designed to know this intimately and completely in All Our Relations through direct experience while the words may create a distorted and obscure lens.

This eternal spirit thus is to be experienced in our veins and in our heart, in this very body. From HERE sings forth as living love. On the other hand this body can house confusion and ignorance -- it can be a vehicle of fear, constriction, hatred, plunder, greed, war, and violence.

HERE in these pages we will address both processes.

HERE we will partition these two interdependent processes (LOVE and FEAR) in four perspectives:

  1. This is the direction of the pulsating, strong, and opening Heart. The direction of LOVE. Here we commune, expand, and explore the ever changing potential opportunities of how the spirit of co-creative flow can recombine and manifest as a celebration of the unity of spirit and beingness (of an authentic spiritual life). Here what is revealed is our innate, indigenous, natural, spontaneous, original, unconditioned, inherent, and integral "true identity" -- the manifestation of a loving relationship (devoid of the conditioned fragmentation/alienation and limitations of ordinary institutionalized subject/object dualistic thought patterns). It is the result of an "identification" that is not limited by the veils and bias of an ersatz separate "self". HERE we will explore ways in which this process can be encouraged, enhanced, and allowed to thrive.
  2. On the other hand we will explore the process on how the Heart becomes shut down, contracted, corrupted, stressed, and restricted. This is the broad direction of fear and hatred. The articulation of the process of corruption/fragmentation and false identification of mankind's fall into the solidification of dysfunctional negative conditioning processes (man's arrogance or mistaken identification with separation and fragmentation) which estrange, alienate, and overly objectify "us" from "IT" as the process of negative conditioning (institutionalized confusion, paranoia, and separation). All that will be delineated within a coherent and lucid context as the programmed absence of the sacred in everyday life. In this articulation we will identify the everyday behavior in terms of social, institutional, and environmental consequences which result from human beings who act out from this dualistic fragmented state of pain, confusion, fear, greed, guilt, angst, jealousy, pride, neuroses, conflict, and suffering -- the "needy" and uncomfortable state of "absence from" or "lack of" infinite, eternal, and perfect divine Love -- a chronic dis-ease of absence of the sacred and thus the cyclic source of self perpetuating one's own illusion and limitation as a negative feedback loop will be revealed.
  3. Here we will reveal effective means of "self" exploration and processes in which we can regain this natural alignment and integrity more continuously in all our relations once again (within indigenous time and space) -- Sacred paths of peace -- of coming HOME -- to Affirm and Gather Together -- to Yoga as re-unification -- to Love -- to Embrace an authentic and primal security and living wellness - well beingness and health by eliminating our fixations upon dualistic illusions based on the egoic misconception. This outlines the yoga, or internal processes of transformation.
  4. HERE we will describe external structures which either enhance life's joy, creative expression, love, health and growth on one hand, while on the other how external environments demean life, the creative expression of spirit, and how they cause suffering. Such is predicated on the two way street of consciousness, behavior (action) and experience. Here we will explore the outward structures that man creates and what are the possibilities of such to be in empowered by the innate collective vision potenized by an allied Universe (when more two legged forms are aligned in continuous harmony with Source). We will explore what that might look like and become in a brave future of vision, realizing and manifesting our common vision, deepest potential, collective co-creative dreams as a celebration of embodied spirit as All Our Relations.

The Rainbow Bridge as a synergistic synchronization between the artificial gulf that disconnected mental thinking have created in wrongly dreaming into existence two seemingly separate and fractious worlds of heaven and earth, spirit and matter, crown and root (sahasrara and muladhara), right and left (pingala/ida), male/female (shiva/shakti), consciousness and beingness, mind and body, left brain/right brain and so forth. Rather throughout the Rainbowbody network their underlying synergistic free flowing unity will be revealed, will be made accessible, and thus we hope that all men inherit their true and natural birth right which is innate and inherent and which first appears as instinct, intuition, and inner wisdom, but which later is seen as our highest creative potential -- our core Reality and truth -- as a living, pulsating, vibrating and dynamic profound natural transpersonal unity of macrocosm/microcosm -- completed by the Rainbow Bridge, ultimately fulfilling. Separation from or disharmony with this innate connection defines dis-ease, pathology, and pain which is found within programmed dualistic/fragmented paradigms and negative conditioning. Through practice and experience WE become that Rainbow Bridge.

The best of religions present only techniques and pathways on how to find our way back from diaspora, from spiritual alienation and estrangement, from paradise lost, the corruptive state -- from separation from "god" -- from confusion. That is the major focus in authentic spiritual inquiry, i.e., how to bring in Clarity -- Loving Sacred Presence into All Our Relations wherever/whenever it appears absent, everywhere/all the time -- in continuity and integrity. As such it is thus the process of spiritual healing includes the elimination of corrupted and fragmented dualistic existence. This is the healing of the great rend which becomes the Great Binding (Mahavrata) or Reunion.

Such ideas are found in many traditions such as the Hebrew Cabalistic tradition, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Tantra, Sufi, Creation Spirituality, Indigenous Creation stories, ancient wisdom stories and myths, shamanism, yoga, alchemy (both Eastern and Western), Hermetic and Gnostic "secret" traditions, ancient Egyptian and Greek goddess traditions, eco-feminism, most pre-Christian nature religions, Native American traditions, traditional African spirituality, Aboriginal, and all other Indigenous spiritual traditions. However it is in only indigenous time that we can throw out all the techniques -- all the becoming and striving -- all the maps -- for Here and Now -- simultaneously forever -- in an instant of perfect Love. Here we have arrived HOME.

HERE by indigenous, one views one's home and spiritual "self" as an integral part of a beginningless and never-ending process -- of an timeless NOW -- as part of a sacred and intimate process of closing the circle. HERE we define "reality" and our self in terms of a living and present spirituality. HERE there exists genuine living INTEGRITY -- the process is complete and made whole in the living manifestation/celebration of "All Our Relations". This merger of BEINGNESS and CONSCIOUSNESS (Nature and Spirit) occurs through the Rainbowbody.

HERE "self" exists as real only in the sacred context of simultaneously belonging to BOTH the earth and timeless space where neither exists independently of the other -- while the living earth itself is realized as being an integrated part of the living evolution of universe.

In this non-exclusive HERE authentic spiritual respons"ability" spontaneously manifests. HERE there exists an intimate knowledge and expression of implicate order, wholeness, and completion. In other words, one accesses a genuine spirituality only as a living vital and authentic experiential Presence (Spirit) only HERE (in the Timeless Sacred Indigenous Moment)-- here and now, through our day to day -- moment to moment -- activities, thoughts, and words. HERE is where the teaching occurs at all times -- multidimensional and transpersonal. This is where we are touched and embraced by spirit as spiritual beings. In this sense the authentic true "Self" or true nature is all inclusive rather than limited, fragmented, separate, or corrupt. Thus eternal "Self" is neither dependent nor exclusive of the earth and the body, but rather simultaneously co-emerges in all things. HERE separation of form and emptiness, relative and absolute, spirit/nature, consciousness/beingness is eliminated -- the chasm of objective/subjective, left brain/right brain, individual will and universal love co-arise in synchronicity -- Integrity is lived when WE complete the circle -- call it yoga or call it the truth of "All Our Relations".

Through the pages of the Rainbowbody network we will learn how increase our awareness and recognition of this pre-existent eternal now -- how to increase our sense of balance, security, harmony, and well beingness -- to deepen our intimacy and unity with this as a continuous embrace. In the sacred Now there exists no fear of extinction or death -- In REALITY there exists no separation at all, but rather when the mind is crippled and constrained in chronic confusion and distraction, then separation "appears" to be real -- fasity is taken as truth.

To be spiritual we have to be filled with spirit -- spirit full. We have to accept a living God and embody spirit, accepting sacredness as indigenous, not alien (elsewhere). These indigenous or intrinsic principles (representing a universal truth) are found in (and are fundamental to) all authentic religions, even though most of their organized institutions have become supplanted and corrupted by self gratuitous man-made (artificial) organizations. Even in Western traditions (which have become the most corrupted) such underlying teachings can be unearthed, albeit having become long ago mostly obscured and superseded -- the purpose is none other than to know God -- to be at one with her. Today, because of widespread institutionalized corrupted thought processes and beliefs (commonly called sin) it is even more valuable that one scrutinizes all "religious systems", self appointed authoritative teaching, so called scripture, inspired technique, book, or "belief" to ascertain its value and where it is based, i.e., is it based on duality and estrangement (distance from spirit or God) or is it based on love affirming the union and where does it lead. Does it affirm the way of love, beauty, wisdom, and the Heart or does it validate estrangement, separateness, absence, corruption, and alienation? For this task, we need genuine insight, of which the experience of living love offers unconditionally. This wisdom is everywhere and at all times and places universal and omnipresent. Its potential expression is within us all.

The Inner and the Outer, the microcosm and macrocosm are, in Reality, One. Union is a matter of alignment -- a matter of a being present -- a matter of direct experience. One may study books, anthropology, history, or religion and find that there exist many source texts throughout the globe to reveal a universal rainbow teaching, but the teaching itself is not found outside in books, buildings, or artifact. Although there is clear evidence of the rainbow bridge tradition was alive in the West and Middle East, as well as in Asia, Africa, and Australia in more indigenous times despite extensive efforts to eradicate it, its renewal is intrinsic, endogenous, implicate, and holographic -- it is found while experiencing -- abiding within the sacred moment whose quality is inexpressible joy.

An intimate knowledge of a living all pervading spirit is THE timeless universal tradition that both precedes and supersedes man's written words and patriarchal systems. It is not "backward" to reclaim and utilize this mostly forgotten wisdom way, for within it the future also is contained. It is a song being sung continuously -- an awe inspiring dance by all the stars, the breeze, the sea, lava flows, mountains, trees, animals, and bees.

Rather it is man's arrogance and pride -- his infatuation with technological "progress" that has gone to his head, and the resulting arrogance has created a dangerous imbalance. Man's technology as well as his teachings and teachers then may be evaluated as to how well they bring us to intimate and authentic knowledge (gnosis) -- to sacred presence -- to becoming more present and "well" on one hand, or how, on the other hand, do they further distance, objectify, disenfranchise, and alienate us producing state of spiritual corruption, confusion, suffering, stress, disease, and despair. Amassing weapons of destruction, prisons of repression, and myriad ways of neurotic over indulgent compensations do not signal a spiritual civilization, but rather a corruption from living spirit.

Many universal traditions will also be explored in the Rainbowbody site, as well as sociopolitical, cultural/agricultural, economic, educational structures/systems, and health systems which either embrace or deface this self empowering cosmology of living presence. We will show that the tradition of the indigenous viewpoint of the native American and the medieval yoga literature share a fundamental perspective of a joyful embrace of a more subtle and intimate inner/outer harmonization and sacred technology which is acknowledged, embraced, and held intact.

Thus we will continue to expand, explore, and apply these basic themes of the unification (non-dual nature) of nature and spirit -- the living "reality" of the unity of differentiated and undifferentiated -- the greater inclusive context which embraces, affirms, and validates both earth and sky -- of body, mind, speech, breath, spirit -- of the non-antagonistic but rather synergistic relationship of beingness and consciousness -- the synchrony and non-dual holographic unity of left brain/right brain, pingala/ida, heaven/earth, crown (sahasrara) chakra and earth (muladhara) chakra, ayin soph and shekinah, kether and malkuth, and the like, which in yoga terminology brings us all into that transpersonal place of "wholy" resonance -- merging with the intimate timeless core-center within (through the sushumna).

Yoga is a process that reconnects us. It is designed to bring us all back together as the act of profound love -- at the place of the great gathering of all tribes and clans. Yoga (meaning the process of interconnecting and joining us together) is thus designed to bring us HOME, where in REALITY, we are all inextricably bound all together in a profound Great All Inclusive Integrity which knows no bounds. Thus it is a strong medicine -- a boon to those who are hurting, who have become conditioned and habituated to disparate ways of forgetfulness, fragmentation, separation, and estrangement. We welcome you.

HERE in indigenous REALITY the front/back, inner/outer, left/right, top/bottom -- all directions are united in free flow -- all dimensions and no dimensions- residing in the reality in which linear time and space are encompassed and surpassed at altogether and at once -- with no separation, barriers -- without limitation, prejudice, bias, nor taint -- Present as presence in all our activities and in all times -- as the continuous activity of Integrity and gesture of the authentic people, the Ongwhehonwhe, in all our relations as the Rainbow People whose signs are many and diverse but which include an attainable life positive and earth positive reflection of spirit/creativity -- as natural creative/evolutionary manifestation.

This web community of http://www.Rainbowbody.net, http://www.Rainbowbody.org, http://www.Rainbowbody.com, http://www.PrayerDance.net, and http://www.PrayerDance.org will present many avenues of exploration within this context as further sky-like, natural expansive self supporting gateways:

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